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Taxi Barcelona Airport - Hotel

Taxi Barcelona Airport - Hotel

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Taxi´s in Barcelona is a complicated matter when you did not booked them in advance. The Barcelona Airport is one of the most crowded airports in the world. Even though the distance to Barcelona City Centre is not that far transportation to your accommodation is necessary. There are multiple way to get to your hotel but the taxi is the most comfortable one to start your trip.

With this Airport Private Taxi offer you will be picked up from the airport with a sign with your name on it, brought to the taxi, your luggage will be stored in the back of the car and you will be brought to your hotel in a easy and relax way. 

When you order your taxi online you will save money, you know upfront what you pay and you will not spend time on finding taxi´s that already left with other guests in them. 

How does it work?

 Make a reservation for the date you will arrive at the airport  and the driver (who will welcome you with your name on it) will bring you to your hotel or accommodation 24 hours a day. 

After the booking process we will ask you to fill in the following information. When you have forgotten please email us at [email protected]
- Address of accommodation (hotel name)
- Flight number and arrival time
- Mobile number


Departures 24 hours per day 

Cancellation policy:

  1. 100% refundable 2 days before the selected date. Please send us an email when you want to cancel your tickets. 
  2. You will receive a confirmation of the reimbursement in 24 hours by email. 
  3. It will take a few working days before you see the reimbursement on your account. 

Important to know! The taxi can only transport 3 persons. When you are with more than 3 persons you need to book more taxi´s.